Lych gate.
Here stands an old thatched lychgate set in a churchyard wall and though
the graveyard appears overgrown and disused this entrance appears quite
well used. There is a small wall to the north, over which you can see
the sea, a few large rocks, and far away through the mist, an island
topped by a large and evil looking abbey.
Pinned to the gate is a small parish notice.

* in

You find yourself in a misty (sic) graveyard, and a sense of awe comes
over you as you realise the occupants of this hallowed ground.

A small gravestone sits here with a shotgun resting against it; you probably want to leave it alone.

Lorry the Arch-Wizard sits here singing "My Prime is full of Rat Poo".
Rick the Arch-wizard rubs his finger and hums.
Sas the Arch-wizard is routing around in the grass.
Boo the Arch-wizard sits here, consulting a dictionary.
Nurke the Arch-wizard sits in a chair, dozing off.
Wraistlyn the Arch-wizard sips coffee and peers into a nearby dustbin.
Mags the Arch-witch sits here, knitting.
Hecate the arch-wizard just kind of floats, nearby.
Rognog the arch-wizard walks around, very very slowly.
Blackfriy the arch-witch collects cheese.
Isotope the arch-witch hides from Wraistlyn's coffee.
Moog the mortal arch-wizard sits here coding AberMUD-1.
Anarchy the arch-wizard sits here being generally cantankerous.

Richard the Arch-Wizard looks on from afar with a look of despair.

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