Parish Notice.

In early MUD history, when the first ever MUD left Essex University in 1986, it was the end of free, public access MUD games anywhere on The Net. We replaced the original MUD game with what was then a pretty poor and unfinished game that ran on the MUD system called MIST but over the years, as MIST was expanded and refined, it became the most violent and wild Multi User Adventure game there has ever, and probably will ever be. I stand by this statement, even in these days of "violent shoot-em-up" games because they are so impersonal and completely lack the personal and psychological aspects of MIST.

The world of online games has changed since the 1980's - It would not be possible to run a Multi User Game that was as unfair as MIST any more. People would get annoyed at the injustice, and move elsewhere. One thing you really have to bear in mind is that in those days, there was nowhere else to go. Great, isn't it!

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